Consumption Of Dietary Supplements is Extremely Dangerous For Teenagers

Consumption Of Dietary Supplements is Extremely Dangerous For Teenagers


Everyone likes to gain or lose weight too quickly because no one wants to follow a hard path of rigorous diet and exercise. Nowadays, teenagers are consuming dietary supplements which, according to them, helps to maintain weight and even gain muscles. However, according to a new health study, it’s been found that consumption of such things is far dangerous for teenagers. The research includes cases which had been reported to the Foods and Drugs Administration department regarding use of these drugs between 2004 to 2015. It’s been said that many teenagers reportedly admitted into an emergency room and some of them even died.

Out of the cases of 977 more than 40% of them were admitted into emergency rooms, which shows how much dangerous consumption of these dietary supplements could be. Other cases involved continuous trips of hospitals because of severe illness. Even though scientists were studying about vitamins and nutritional supplements, it’s been found that the majority of the cases which made teenagers take into hospitals happened because of supplements only. Dietary supplements are usually sold for gaining muscle, losing weight and for boosting energy. However, even though every teenager might want these things, but they won’t get it after consuming these dangerous drugs.

There are two causes of harm happening because of these dietary supplements. Either teenagers are consuming them after mixing with another supplement, or those things contain dangerous ingredients which are not mentioned on the label. Researchers think their finding shall be reached to more teenagers since many of them don’t know what’s the side effect of consuming such things. This new finding is showing just a fraction of the entire problem, and there could be more severe side effects which teenagers might get if they consume these dietary supplements daily.

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