CDC Thinks Puppies Might Be Making People Sick

CDC Thinks Puppies Might Be Making People Sick


Humans love to spend some time with their pets because it gives them an immense amount of joy, plus it’s good to have a puppy in your house. However, recent reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows there is a higher chance that puppies are spreading some illness, which is affecting many people. Campylobacter jejuni is that illness, which is having an outbreak in all the states of America, and health officials are now discovering the reasons behind it.

This illness is a type of food poisoning that affects more than 1.5 million people per year, and the worst part about this disease is it does not respond to multiple types of drugs. The report is not shocking, but it gives crucial information about how many people so far have been infected with this virus. Since the start of this year, Campylobacter jejuni has affected 30 people in 13 states aged between eight months to 70 years old. Four people so far have reported hospitalized, and no deaths have been published yet.

The common source of this illness is pet stores because those employees who work there or owners have gotten infected. CDC said those people who have higher contact with puppies have diagnosed with this illness. After investigating the reason behind 24 people’s disease, it’s been found that 15 reportedly had contact with a puppy from a pet store; 4 were employees of a national pet chain. CDC is not telling people not to own or don’t get into contact with puppies but follow some precautions. People usually spend more casual time with their puppies, and that’s why they might bring this type of illness. Experts said to clean up that area which your puppy has licked and got it washed carefully since it might contain an infectious virus.

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