Canada Aims to Ban Single-Use Plastic Products in the Upcoming Two Years

Canada Aims to Ban Single-Use Plastic Products in the Upcoming Two Years


Canada intends to ban some single-use plastic objects in the upcoming two years. It seems like the country is trying to minimise the impact of the non-biodegradable material. Rapidly increasing use of plastic is transforming the world into the plastic. It is imposing harm to mother nature, including plants and animals. Marine life has had the negative impact of plastic use, because this waste is harming and killing fish, including marine mammals. Even more, some coral reefs are near extinction due to such human activities. On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced they would ban single-use plastic products like straws, bags, stirrers, soda and water bottles.

The Prime Minister has announced the measures, calling plastic pollution as a problem which they cannot overlook. He added plastic waste ends up in waste dumps and incinerators. This non-biodegradable waste pollutes water sources like ocean, rivers, and lakes. As per the Canadian leader, less than 10% of plastic used in Canada gets recycled. Thus the official surmises Canadians will throw away around $11 billion worth of plastic material in the period of upcoming ten years. According to a government statement, it would wait for a science-based judgement which will reveal which type of plastics are harmful and injurious for human health and the environment. Thus the Canadian government will impose a single-use plastic ban from 2021.

Meanwhile, it will even offer time to businesses for adjusting. The government noted it would allow manufacturers to use a particular amount of recycled content. While speaking at the banks of a lake in Gault Nature Reserve in Quebec Mr Trudeau noted the government move is inspired from a ban initialled by the EU parliament. Before few months, in March, the EU announced it aims to impose an extensive range ban on single-use plastics. By doing so the EU government intends to fight against the pollution which takes place due to throwing away items that end up in waterways and fields. On the other hand, the UK has also announced an identical plan to ban straws, stirrers etc. between October 2019 -2020. While Malaysia and Philippines have declared they will revert hundreds of tons of contaminated plastic waste to their manufacturer countries including Canada.

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