big meteor visible from earth just hit jupiter

Big Meteor Visible from Earth Just Hit Jupiter


According to the astronomers, a massive meteor that was observed from the earth has now hit the Planet Jupiter. The Asteroid made a massive impact on the gas giant Jupiter. Astronomer Ethan Chappel announced the same and shared the captured photograph of the impact. He took the video of the impact of the massive Asteroid on Jupiter with a simple backyard telescope. In the video, we can see Asteroid hitting the gas giant and causing the bright flash to appear. The astronomers and scientists assume that the impact could have caused the bright flash and also the debris coming out of the atmosphere of the planet.

The massive Asteroid hit the southern equatorial belt of the planet. In the video, we can see the flash at the impact location for a few seconds. Ethan Chappel took the burst images and compiled the same to create a GIF image. Dr. Heidi B. Hammel, expert Astrophysicist shared the same video to the public and confirmed the impact. She said the impact shows the signs of a bolide or meteor hit on the planet. Its a small meteor compared to the SL9 meteor chain, which hit the planet, Jupiter, nearly 25 years ago and won’t leave any debris in the atmosphere.

This is not the first time someone has captured the impacts of meteors and asteroids on Jupiter. First one was spotted in 1994 with Shoemaker-Levy 9’s debris hitting the planet. Later, multiple sightings of the asteroid and meteorite impacts. According to Dr. Hammel, the sightings of the impact on Jupiter or any other planet is essential to understand the population of the Flying rocks in the solar system. The data is helpful for scientists to understand the risks of hitting the flying stones and meteors for important flyby missions.