Baby Born With Missing Skin in Texas

Baby Born With Missing Skin in Texas


A baby is born in a critical condition and does not have skin at many places in the body, in Texas City. His name is Ja’bari Gray. Doctors are working on this issue. The baby is in hospital for three months after his birth, since 1 January. A diagnosis and a care plan is being worked upon by the doctors. The baby has most of the skin missing. There is some skin on the head. Initially, the baby was diagnosed with a rare disease called aplasia cutis, in which there is an absence of skin. The baby was transferred on Friday to Houston’s Texas Children’s Hospital for special care. The specialists have said that he has epidermolysis bullosa, which is a rare connective tissue disorder. It makes the skin very fragile which can easily get tore from minor trauma or friction.

At present, the baby has some skin on his head and some on his legs. There is no skin on his arms and stomach area. The baby is constantly given ointments and dressing changes so that the child remains away from infections. His mother, Priscilla Maldonado is really upset. She told that doctors are trying to keep him comfortably right now, but he is in a very critical condition. Maldonado and her husband Marvin Gray are going for genetic tests to confirm if the disease- epidermolysis bullosa is genetic. They have 2 children aged 5 and 6. While the couple is with their third child, their other kids are staying with their Maldonado’s mother.

Maldonado says that in the three months since his birth, she held him only twice in her hands because it needs her to be dressed in a gown and gloves on. She said that this is very painful as she can’t ever hold her child. Holding this way is not a skin-to-skin touch. The doctors are not sure about how long the baby will need to be in the hospital. They are planning to perform surgery. The baby is getting help from Taco Cabana, where both the parents are employed. They said that they are just praying that everything will be fine.

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