google maps finally lets individual plan from 'mixed modes'

Google Maps finally lets individual plan from ‘mixed modes’

Google Maps has always helped to get from place to place, from walking, driving, or taking public transit. Transit journeys can be complicated–it involves multiple modes of transportation. For that, google is making accessible to way transit directions with biking and ridesharing options so anyone can travel with ease. As per google, individual needs to […]

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how images of melanoma skins could trigger people for prevention

How Images of Melanoma skins could trigger people for prevention

A rapid rise of melanoma in some countries such as in Utah, it is a serious matter to is a type of skin cancer which occurs in the cell that creates melanin and called melanocyte. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is the most common disease in Canada and nearby regions. Melanoma is […]

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apple extended its bug bounty program and offered special iphones especially for researchers

Apple extended its bug bounty program and offered special iPhones especially for researchers

Apple’s bug abundance program extended to the majority of its platforms is bound to happen and maybe inspired by individuals retaining revelation of bugs due to the lack of incentive. Earlier, a security analyst uncovered that he found a defect in mac OS that could reveal client passwords however he declined to give details to […]

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4 secret netflix hacks and 1 bonus reminder the user will want to know earlier

4 secret Netflix hacks and 1 bonus reminder the user will want to know earlier

Netflix, Inc. is a US media service provider and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Netflix is ​​no longer new for everyone. Before the user completely changes their streaming video. They might remember that the Netflix company started using a DVD-by-mail rental service. Recently, Netflix has many competitors, and its choices feel a bit […]

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OnePlus TV to Feature QLED Panel and Optimized Android Version

OnePlus is going to release the smart Android TV this year in September, and it is going to have some amazing features. The company is planning to launch this Smart TV next month in the Indian subcontinent and later all over the world. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shared some insider information about the specifications of […]

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motorola launched moto one action with action-camera like video quality

Motorola Launched Moto One Action with Action-Camera like Video Quality

Motorola’s One series of smartphones were pretty good and received a decent response from the customers. One series of smartphones are budget-friendly smartphones. It’s been a long time the company updated the series, but today, they did the same. Today, Motorola announced a new smartphone, Moto One Action from the same series. The Moto One […]

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ula atlas 5 rocket deploys american airforce cubesat in orbit

ULA Atlas 5 Rocket Deploys American Airforce Cubesat in Orbit

United Launch Alliance’s Atlas 5 rocket took off with American Airforce Cubesat and successfully placed it in the appropriate orbit. The Atlas 5 rocket took off and deployed Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF-5) communications satellite and put it in orbit. The rocket took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida and placed the CubeSat […]

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google announced sustainability plan for future - to use eco-friendly material from 2022

Google Announced Sustainability Plan for Future – To Use Eco-Friendly material from 2022

To embark on the journey of Sustainability and Eco-friendliness, the internet giant Google announced the new plans. The company announced the new plans for sustainability and making the hardware greener than ever by 2022. By the target year of 2022, the company is planning to use fully recyclable materials in the hardware that they use. […]

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