Asteroid to Pass by Earth Closer than Moon Tonight

Asteroid to Pass by Earth Closer than Moon Tonight


NASA’s Asteroid tracker is always active in finding the asteroids that are passing by the earth. The discovery has been made of the asteroid, which is passing by earth tonight with the incredibly close approach. The asteroid will pass with “Close-Earth Approach”, which is the famous term used by NASA to indicate how close the asteroid will pass. As it is going to pass by shortest distance, any asteroid has ever passed by, but still the humans are safe by the same. As the distance between the asteroid and earth’s atmosphere is going to be large, we will not be affected by the passing by of the asteroid, but it will be an incredible show to watch passing by.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory first tracked this asteroid on 9th March and predicted the passing by the path of the asteroid. The asteroid is dubbed as 2019 EA2 and classified in the category of Aten-type Near-Earth Object. The NEO asteroid will pass by with the approximate speed of 5.37km per second. The expected time of passing by is 2 AM GMT, and the trajectory will be closer to earth than the moon.

Scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratory made 135 observations of the Asteroid from March 9th and analysed the size, trajectory and the speed of the same. They’ve concluded the rate of 5.37 km per second, size of 59 feet and time of 2 AM GMT. The Near Earth Objects cross the trajectory of Earth with the sun. Which means, they pass by close to the earth’s atmosphere. Fortunately, not all are close enough to enter the atmosphere and destroy the earth. The asteroid 2019 EA2 will miss earth by nearly 306,675 km which is 0.80 Lunar Distance. Which means, the Asteroid will be close to earth by 20% than the moon.

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