Apple killed AirPower and It Could Be the Best Thing

Apple killed AirPower and It Could Be the Best Thing


Apple believes in keeping their standards high. So, considering that a dead product is better but not a bad one, Apple killed AirPower. This wireless charging pad could not meet the standards and expectations and hence canceled it totally. This news may have crushed the hearts of many customers, but it could be a good decision. AirPower was introduced by Apple in 2017 and is officially canceled now. Senior Vice President of Apple’s Hardware Engineering, Dan Riccio, said that AirPower wasn’t meeting our high standards, so it was canceled. He said that though there may be a lot to explore about it, but it is crap and they cannot accept it anymore.

The idea behind this wireless charging pad of Apple was to charge iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, etc. at once when putting these devices on the surface of the pad. There are various multi-device wireless chargers available in the market for companies like Samsung Duo. However, these chargers need to place the devices in a particular area of the pad to make sure that charging requirements are met. But, the charging needs of a smartwatch are way different than a smartphone. As per some reports in last year, the heat issue of the pad was a major factor in the delay of the release of AirPower.

The company could undoubtedly make a passable wireless charging pad if they really wanted. But, AirPower did not cut it. Apple says that if their device is not going to work as we want it to, then why should they even keep it? It is a big letdown for the company. The customers would feel that they are paying for a half-finished product and this creates trust issue. Despite the cancellation of this product, Apple says that wireless technology is the future. Though AirPower may be dead, yet, it’s good that people don’t spend money on products that aren’t worth it. A bad product always has a bad impact on the company’s reputation, so, AirPower is killed for good.

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