Apple Face ID

Apple is Testing Touchscreen Display and Face ID in Mac


Apple is continuously working on their computer lineups to improve its performance and satisfy the customers. Recent iterations of the MacBook and Mac devices have proven that. Apple is also working on the accessories for their smartphones. The accessories like AirPods 2 and AirPower wireless charger are on the production line and will hit the markets soon. But according to the report on one smartphone news website, it is clear that Apple is testing Touchscreen Display and FaceID in Mac computers. As it is from the report on a third-party site, we should take it with a pinch of salt.

After implementing the FaceID system in mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, Apple is focusing on Mac computers. TouchID is available on the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro latest versions, but everything is missing in the Macintosh series of computers. That’s why the company is testing to introduce an alternate way of unlocking the computer with the FaceID system. Although Apple said that they have no intention of adding the Touchscreen Displays in Macbook and Mac desktops, the reports indicate the company is working on the same.

With the recent developments, we surely know that the iOS app will run on the future versions of MacOS desktop operating system. So, introducing a Touchscreen display to use those apps efficiently is a sensible idea. As the Surface Book laptops from Microsoft and Chromebooks from third-party manufacturers have Touchscreen displays, Apple is planning to focus on the same. As this is the rumors, nothing is officially confirmed from the company itself. Also, another rumor suggests that the company is working on ARM-based chips to replace the Intel processors on Macbook. If the rumor stands to be true, then we might see touchscreen display in the Macintosh computers from next year.