Apple Is Going To Create And Buy Lots Of Originals Podcasts

Apple Is Going To Create And Buy Lots Of Originals Podcasts


The podcast industry is getting a proper scope from last few years, and now a tech giant company like Apple has shown its interest in it. Reportedly Apple, which is already producing original music and TV shows, is now going to create podcast also. Apple is looking to buy some podcasts rights exclusively, which shows the sincere intention of Apple to enter into podcasts. No specific reports are coming into how apple is going to make available these podcasts. Some experts think originals podcast would be exclusively available on an App or any other dedicated platform only.

Apple is already producing its own music in which they are using lots of talented indie musicians talent. TV shows are also getting a good response since Apple is going to launch its movie streaming platform. Apple’s dedicated app for listening to podcasts has grown from its first day because nowadays people have changed their interest. Also, new companies have started to enter into this industry, which has increased competition for Apple. However, this new update from Apple shows a great move of development for Apple’s podcast platform. The company is continuously trying to enter into new fields, and as a tech giant, it will be easier for them to produce and own quality based podcasts.

The standalone app for a podcast gives lots of new shows every day for apple users. But the way Apple is focusing more on originals it would platform for the better. Google and Spotify are trying to build similar Podcast platform which might be increasing competition for Apple. However, the way Apple has always been focused on quality content, more users would get benefit out of it. There’s still no report which shows that how much Original content Apple is producing itself and buying it from media houses. Nevertheless, this new move of making exclusive content would improve Apple’s podcast platform.

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