Apple Announces New Mac Pro at WWDC 2019

Apple Announces New Mac Pro at WWDC 2019


Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is done, and Apple announced a lot of new things at the conference. AMongst a bunch of surprising and expected announcements, the new Mac Pro 2019 version was one of the best. The New Mac Pro is not the product meant for casual customers, as the base model will cost $4,999 and will come with whooping 32 Gigs of RAM, an eight-core Intel Xeon processor, a 256GB SSD, and AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics. With this massive configuration on the base model, the device will be useful for the creative professionals and those who need a lot of system resources.

Instead of Trash can design of the older versions of this device, the new Mac Pro comes with the tower build design with cheese grater like the mesh on the front side. Also, the case comes with a long handle to carry the computer anywhere and also the rubber feet to keep it on the surface without scratching the bottom part. New Mac Pro is a monster desktop computer from Apple made to cater to the needs of professionals. With Intel Xeon processor with 28 cores and six channels of 2933 MHz ECC memory with 12 DIMM slots and storage space expandable up t 1.5TB is killer for anyone who is looking for a powerful computer.

On the graphics section, the device is packed with AMD Radeon Pro 580X GPU and is configurable with Radeon Pro Vega II in the premium options. Also, the highest performance version does come with the dual Radeon Pro Vega II setup, which will double-up the performance with MacOS installed on the system. The device would be a perfect fit for game developers, creative professionals like photographers, videographers, and those with professional and industrial requirements of computer processing. Apple said that they would start shipping the devices from the Fall season.

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