Among US Preschoolers The Obesity Rate Is Decreasing

Among US Preschoolers The Obesity Rate Is Decreasing


According to recent reports, it’s been found that preschool children who are receiving government aided food are getting healthier. These preschoolers have found to be reached a good body mass index, which is a sign that the obesity rate is declining among these kids. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a data in which it’s been mentioned that the rate of obesity has dropped by 14% among these preschoolers. The American health organizations are happy about this result because it indicates that their health policies have worked perfectly.

Obesity has always been a serious concern for the whole united states of America. CDC and many health organizations are working to make sure that people get to know more about how much danger obesity could for health. Meanwhile, Heidi Blanck, who heads obesity prevention at the CDC, said that it gives them a hope that a real change has made. Many children aged between 2 to 4 have found to be received right type of food. Government schools are giving a much healthy and full of a nutritious diet to these preschoolers to make them fit. Obesity has always brought severe problems like heart attack, blood pressure, etc. Government organizations are trying to reduce the risk by providing an excellent diet to these preschoolers.

When a child is heavy in their early ages, it increases the probability that they are going to be obese when they grow up. Now health experts have made a proper diet plan for these preschoolers, and fortunately, many schools are giving it to these small children. The diet includes appropriate vegetables, fruit and other food which is going to maintain their obesity rate to a minimum. Health experts say this is just a small victory to make America healthier again also in future they are going to implement more good policies which are going to keep the obesity among preschoolers low.

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